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Hi, we are Danny and Helen, two Cumbria-based photographers with one passion: meaningful pictures. 

We enjoy all kinds of photography and video but our first love is creating outstanding portraits of diverse 

and interesting people. Private or professional. Individuals or groups. 

We like to take genuine images that tell a story. Your story! That's why we are always on the lookout for 

those little golden moments when a person's character shines through. With imagination, patience and 

empathy we create a relaxed atmosphere to capture those real emotions to help you to build authentic 

brand identities and create successful campaigns.

We have been working successfully with renowned local companies such as Carlisle Council, CN Events 

and Carlisle Living Magazine, as well as many other lifestyle brands and corporate clients. 

We've also helped lots of smaller businesses to stand out and make themselves seen.

Our work has also appeared in the national press.